Our Values

We maintain our integrity with the highest ethical standards, we strive for delighted clients, and we never promise something we can't deliver.

We embrace the incredible opportunity this country provides for all its citizens and give back where, when, and however we can.‚Äč

We are committed to our Judeo-Christian values, which begin with the Golden and Silver Rules.

About Us

Welcome to Kerryshire Construction! We are a remodeling company with eight years of experience in the industry. We were founded by Jeffrey Turner, a Marine Corps combat veteran and Columbia Business School graduate. Combining his leadership experience from the Marines and subsequent construction experience, Jeffrey created Kerryshire Construction to bring exceptional service and quality to custom home building, renovations, and real estate consulting.

Rachel Turner serves as our CFO and Design Consultant. A highly-decorated Air Force combat veteran, Rachel has been nationally recognized for her leadership abilities. Throughout multiple high-level positions in national security and defense, she honed her ability to create systems and structures that efficiently produce results while overseeing the budgeting process. Additionally, she brings the flair and classic style to the Kerryshire Construction brand, complementing Jeffrey's functional knowledge.